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1. Controlling and Deleting Cookies
It is not the policy of BUCK Events Ltd to collect personally identifiableinformation about our site users through the use of cookies. To prevent cookiesgenerated from our site reaching your device, you will be able to restrict themor block them using your browser settings. Use the ‘Help’ function on yourbrowser for information on how to do this. To delete or restrict cookies onyour mobile phone device, refer to your handset manual. Please be aware thatyour actions to restrict or delete cookies may affect the functionality of BUCKEvents Ltd. For more information on cookies and how to restrict or delete them,visit

2. BUCK Events Ltd First-Party Cookies
There are a number of main cookies set by the BUCK Events Ltd website that arerequired to use functionality such as our shopping cart, comments boxes orticket purchases.

3. Third-Party Cookies for Site Users
Third-Parties may set their own cookies on our website with our permission toenhance customer experience and functionality and to deliver the services thatthey are providing (such as payment provision).

4 Flash Cookies: Local Shared Objects
To deliver video or other content services, BUCK Events Ltd uses players andplugins such as Adobe player. For the comprehensive user experience, somecookies known as Local Shared Objects, or Flash Cookies, provide a variety offeatures. Though the Flash Cookies will be stored on your terminal, you will beunable to restrict or delete them in your browser settings in the same way asordinary cookies.

Before you disable this type of cookie, be aware thatrestrictions you apply may affect the features available to you for Flash-basedapplications. Check the Adobe website for information on how to delete ordisable Flash cookies at

5. Cookies Set by Third-Party Sites
BUCK occasionally embeds picture and video content from websites like YouTube.Consequently, if you visit a page with embedded-content cookies, you may bepresented with such cookies from these websites. This type of cookie cannot bedisseminated by us, so you will need to check the relevant third-party websitefor information.

6. Sharing Tools
The BUCK Events Ltd website carries embedded ‘share’ buttons which enable siteusers to share articles via social networks. Social network sites may set cookieson your terminal when you are logged in to their service. BUCK Events Ltd doesnot control the dissemination of these cookies, so you will need to check therelevant third party website for information about this type of cookie.